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Spanish Powers of Attorney

It is common for clients with property or business transactions in Spain and other European countries to give their overseas lawyer power of attorney to sign documents abroad on their behalf. The power of attorney document will be prepared by the overseas lawyer in both English and Spanish and emailed to the client for signing before a notary in the UK.

A power of attorney is a very important legal document. You are giving permission for someone else to sign documents on your behalf. If your attorney signs something that you do not want him to sign, it is possible that it would still be legally binding on you. Therefore, it is vital that you have very good communication with your attorney and that you give clear instructions regarding what should be signed and when.

In order to notarise the power of attorney, you will need to attend an appointment with one of our notaries. You will be asked to produce your passport and proof of address and confirm that you have read and understood the document. You will then sign each page of the power of attorney in front of the notary and the notary will counter sign, seal and bind the document. We will then send it to be “apostilled”, which is official confirmation from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office that the notary signature and seal is authentic. Finally, we will courier the document to your lawyer in Spain.

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